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We help organizations make the shift into competency-based HR
through engaged consulting and technology.

Strategy at your fingertips We create value by way of competency framework development, management and assessment.
All this made better through our chief product, Strata Online.
Easy. We know we've helped when you need no help using our product.

That's how simple it is to use Strata Online.
It has everything we love about the apps we use
1. It doesn't need a manual.
2. It does exactly what we need it to do.
3. It looks good.
Smart. The system was created by HR people, for HR people. That's why it make sense. The outcome of an assessment
can inform your other HR functions, using the same set of data.

Have a question in mind? Whether on an individual or
organizational scale, find out what's going on with just a
few clicks. There's enough room for play, too. Filter and
search freely through the data to see results.
Useful. Let's admit: details of employment are not
something employees concern themselves
with much, and oftentimes, attending to them can
get in the way of actual work.

With Strata Online, employees take charge of their
information without it feeling like a chore.

It's an interface everyone's
familiar with, whose practicality
is apparent to both HR and
employees alike.
Many challenges, a single solution

Your strategies can work together if they speak the same language.
Competencies are the preferred language of many top organizations today.

Performance Management
by empowering employees to record their progress through our Journal feature.
Avoid the year-end hassle of recollecting performance by logging moments anytime, anywhere.
by allowing for a bottom-up assessment, along with the regular 180°.
Achieve this scale easily by going online.
and review the evolution of an employee's
goals, all stored in the system for your convenience.
Learning & Development
by educating employees on the value of learning in their career growth through the Learning Dashboard.
using the Individual Development Plan.
This approach toward assessments works to strengthen overall employee engagement.
by prioritizing learning interventions based on your people's needs using collective data from the system.
Career Management
Set a standard that can be replicated throughout your organization by speaking the common language of competencies.
through having all comparative data in front of you with just the click of a button.
and avoid recency effect during deliberations by having a more informed and
comperehensive perspective using Strata Online.
How it works

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