Who We Are

In recent years, Strata has become synonymous to Competencies.
Part luck and (a big) part grind, we're proud to say Strata has come a long way
in spreading Competency Education in the practice of strategic Human Resources.

Through our consulting services, Strata is given the opportunity to come into organizations
and help them become better by introducing competencies into HR systems.
In turn, you help us become better, too. That's how our product continues to be built.

Strata Online is a breath of fresh air. It's boldly intuitive and downright practical.
Everything we learn from our clients, from our capable partners and from relentless research
culminates in this system we built from scratch. We look forward to sharing it with you.

At the Core Beyond its products and services, Strata is a locally-owned upstart organization that grounds itself on these six statements: